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Space-saving for your stock

You’ve got excess stock but no place to keep it on your premises? You’ve had seasonal orders delivered – or perhaps special promotional products – but you need a place to store them in the meantime? Or perhaps you’re an online retailer without a shop but in need of stock storage space. Clare Storage is open for business!

Having your own off-site space with us is the perfect way to manage your stock supply – so you need only ever keep what you need on your premises, and put the balance in safe storage.

You will have your own storage unit, sized according to your exact needs. For your convenience, you can access your stock at any time: simply call in and pick up the supplies you want.
Most importantly, you are assured of 24-hour security. As with all our storage facilities, your unit will be individually locked with its own key, which is the only means of

Smart storage fact

To help move stock when you come to collect or drop off, we have a number of different size trolleys available for you to use, free of charge.


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