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For file-free flexibility

Boxes of files in the office means there’s no space to even move? You’re required to keep records but can’t afford for them to take up valuable space? You have private and confidential files sitting in open areas? In short – your office space has become a really expensive storage room!

Whatever your business, if you work with records and files in hard copy form – we can help you unlock space in your office by storing paperwork. Our clients are legal firms, architects, insurance brokers, auctioneers, accountants and medical professionals – and all have discovered the many benefits of our secure, easy-retrieval storage service.

We will provide you with your own unit, sized to your individual needs, with or without racking, and you or your designated staff members will be able to access and look after your own records, as suits your schedule.

Our service means your files are never out of reach, but they’re not taking up valuable and expensive office space. Plus you’re not tied into a long-term lease with high service fees often charged by Records Management companies. You are free to cancel your storage with us, at any time.

You have the freedom and flexibility to store your files for just a few weeks or months – or for as long as necessary. We also help you fulfil your data protection responsibilities – as any client information is stored securely and confidentially.

Smart storage fact

Many of our clients have found that, by storing off-site with us, a previously planned move to larger premises was no longer necessary. That’s valuable business savings.


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